Each project is given to me by Heaven.

let yourself be guided, let yourself be amazed

The inspiration hits me unexpectedly, and I am overwhelmed by it; inspiration shows me the way to follow, provides me with all the ingredients I need to bring each project to light. I love to let myself be overwhelmed by this Force and to listen, abandoning myself to a Flow that brings a precious gift not only for me, but also for all of you who use this Music for yourselves, for your patients, with your friends, family, with your animal and plant companions. Let yourself be guided by your Instinct through the notes of my piano and the colors of the watercolors that make them visible to your eyes.

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L'Albero della Musica

When was the last time you felt life flow inside you?
Where did you feel a deep sense of oneness with all things?

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Love Seeds

Will you be able to lighten your Heart to rediscover your talents and give your precious drop of potential to the Ocean of Humanity?

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La Danza della Vita

Life is transformation, it is the Eternal Becoming where every manifestation generates vibrations.

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The moment of conception - both mental and physical - and the period of prenatal life are the most important pieces of the entire process of evolution.

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Translational Music

When we experience a particular emotion, each of our cells filters and perceives vibrations that are reflected on the state of the whole body.

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